Imagine a future where the symphony of birdsong isn't a faded memory, but a daily serenade for a generation of conscious guardians. This is the world is building, one small step at a time.

Founded in 2023, is an Indian non-profit redefining environmental education, not just raising awareness, but igniting action. We believe in reconnecting young generation with nature, not through textbook facts, but through immersive experiences that spark a deep understanding and appreciation for our planet.

We shine a light on the often-overlooked elements of our environment, revealing their surprising impact on climate change. By empowering individuals, from children in schools to entire communities, to grasp the interconnectedness of our world, we equip them with the knowledge and tools to make informed choices in their daily lives.

Our programs not only equip individuals with knowledge, but also inspire action by educating students. Through creative climate change based education programs, we blend learning with action, sparking a global shift towards sustainability, one small, transformative step at a time.

Invest in the mystique of nine, a number embodying completion and new beginnings. Every action you take with ripples outward, a seed for a greener future, nurtured by collective action and driven by the transformative power of nine.

Every young mind holds the potential to become a climate leader. At, we believe that youth are not just the future, but a powerful force for change in the present. By igniting a passion for environmental responsibility and equipping students with the knowledge and tools they need, we empower them to take action and create a more sustainable future for themselves and their communities. empowers you to become a changemaker. We equip you with the knowledge and tools to transform awareness into personal responsibility. Through our engaging programs, you'll discover the surprising impact everyday choices have on our planet.

Join us, and let's leave a legacy of vibrant memories, not lost stories.


Pranay Kumar

Pranay Kumar

Co-Founder & Chief Change-maker
Managing Director (Operational Executive Officer)

Agritech sparked my journey, but the Sikkim floods ignited a passion I couldn't ignore. Witnessing our planet's vulnerability, I knew action was crucial. Inspired by UCDF, I co-founded, not just to educate, but to empower. Seeing the potential in young minds fueled my mission: to equip them as the leaders of tomorrow's climate fight. Let's cultivate a generation of changemakers who rewrite the story of our planet.

Prajal Regmi

Prajal Regmi

Co-Founder & Chief Youth Ambassador
Managing Director (Community building & Partnerships)

Anxiety once held me captive, but it transformed into a different kind of worry - an "eco-anxiety" for our planet. Realizing we belong to nature, not the other way around, sparked a fire in my soul. From Global Youth Ambassador to Social Change maker, the journey hasn't been easy, but the impact is undeniable. is my response, empowering young people to become Earth's guardians.